Colt Detective Special #664133

Colt Detective Special #664133

Colt Detective Special with Factory Nickel, Pearl Stocks, and Hammer Shroud, serial # 664133, with factory letter.

Uniquely configured Detective Special, with factory pearl stocks and hammer shroud in nickel finish. Revolver retains most of the original nickel finish, with scattered pin prick size losses to the finish throughout, with some flaking on the front strap. Hammer shroud of bare aluminum (typical of hammer shrouds on nickel guns) shows some scratches. Pearl stocks are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. Mechanically excellent.

Nickel Colt revolvers with hammer shrouds are scarce, and the addition of the factory pearl stocks makes this revolver even more so. This specially ordered Colt would make a great addition to any Colt revolver collection in need of something unique.

Price: $3,250 shipped & insured.

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