Colt Diamondback From Past Colt Historian Kathleen Hoyt’s Collection

Colt Diamondback From Past Colt Historian Kathleen Hoyt’s Collection

Colt Diamondback, .22 Long Rifle, 6” barrel, with Colt blue finish, part of prior Colt Historian Kathleen Hoyt’s collection.

This Diamondback remains in near mint condition, with turn line & a slight blemish on the front sight, a shown in photos. Revolver is mechanically strong. With original, labeled box with matching serial number & model, Colt factory letter indicating sale to Kathleen Hoyt. Mrs. Hoyt career as Colt Historian from 1988 through her retirement in 2009 included contributions not only to factory letters, but also to various collector publications.

Interestingly, the letter indicates that this revolver was sold as a “used” gun. In most cases, this indicates use as a sales or marketing sample.

A great example of a scarce, late production Colt Diamondback with provenance to a previous Colt historian.

Price : $3,800

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