Colt Model 1877 # 130707 (Philippine Contract)

Colt Model 1877 # 130707 (Philippine Contract)

Colt Double Action Revolver, Model of 1877, Philippine Contract in .41 caliber.

Extremely seldom encountered Colt Model 1877, part of a contract for the Philippine Constabulary . The assignment and use of the revolvers in this contract, containing 600 same configured revolvers in total, is mostly unknown. These revolvers are still recorded as being in the Constabulary Ordnance Depot in 1904, as noted by John Schultz of the Ordnance Division in Manila at that year (see supporting document in photos).

Factory letter confirming shipment date of February 10, 1902, places this guns shipment towards the end of the Philippine-American War, and its inventory in the Constabulary places it in service during the subsequent Moro Rebellion, which lasted until 1913. It is highly likely that this revolver saw service during this tumultuous period.

This revolver retains a fair amount of original blue & case hardening, particularly on the right side, as it is likely the left side was against a holster for much of its early life. Trace nitre blue on the hammer, screws, and trigger remains. The front sight has been slightly filed down lower. Mechanically functional.

A great opportunity to own a seldom seen Colt, likely to have seen action during conflict.

Price : $2,200

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