Colt Official Police #751816

Colt Official Police #751816

Colt Official Police with King Super Target Modifications, serial # 751816.

Scarce post-World War II Official Police with King Super Target modifications, including full vent rib, adjustable rear sight, and classic King Gun Sight Co. reflective mirror front sight. Hammer appears to be a King part, however, it is not the usual ‘King Cockeyed” hammer that typically is seen on King Super Targets. Most King modified guns this writer has seen are pre-WWII, so this may account for the different hammer.

Revolver retains a good percentage of the original post-war dual tone blue finish, with scattered losses and muzzle wear. Stocks are well fitting later replacements. Action and mechanics are smooth and crisp with very light trigger pull. As expected, the King Gun Sight modifications are extremely well done, and this Colt would make a fine target revolver.

Price: $1,850 shipped & insured.

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