Colt Pocket Hammerless #10970

Colt Pocket Hammerless #10970

Colt Pocket Hammerless, .380 Caliber, in near new condition, serial # 10970, with factory letter.

Exceptional Colt .380 caliber Pocket Hammerless retaining nearly all of its original high polish blue and nitre blue accents. Only a handful of small, pinprick sized areas of finish loss and a small amount of finish loss on the front strap near the magazine are the only detractions to an otherwise factory new example of this model. Original stocks. Strong, nearly complete nitre blue remains on the screws, extractor, rear sight, magazine release, and trigger accentuate this beautiful example of early 20th century Colt craftsmanship. The condition of this pistol makes it worthy of inclusion in even the most advanced Colt collections.

Price: $4,650 shipped & insured.

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