Colt Pony # CPA001042

Colt Pony # CPA001042

Colt Pony, serial number CPA001042. Scarce model that appeared in Colt’s 1971 catalog, however, never made it into full production. An unknown number still remain. 10 were given to Colt employees, and 37 (including this pistol) were returned to Firearms International, who was to produce these under license by Colt, due to the project never materializing, partly attributed to quality concerns. This pistol retains most of its original bluing, with scattered finish loss in several areas along with frame turning plum. Mechanically sound. Pistol is accompanied by its original serial numbered & labeled box. Overall, a scarce, excellent piece to accompany any Colt collection, particularly those focused on experimental and prototype guns.

Price: $4,300 shipped & insured.

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