Model of 1911 # 417

Model of 1911 # 417

Colt 1911, serial number 417.

Early, scarce high polish blue Colt Model 1911. This pistol is nearly 100% original, with the exception of the magazine lock catch, the magazine, and the stocks, including all original, correct nitre blue small parts. Pistol includes original, extremely rare & original unmarked barrel, used only in the first 400-500 pistols prior to serif “H” inspection mark.

Pistol retains an attractive percentage of original high polish blue & nitre blue on small parts, with losses most pronounced on front strap & mainspring housing. Both the “United States Property” and the “Model of 1911 US Army” were attempted to be removed, with the frame marking nearly 100% gone, while the slide marking still mostly visible, as shown in the pictures. Very little rust or pitting, and areas of finish loss are mostly worn smooth. Mechanics are strong.

Overall, this is a solid & nearly complete example of one of the first 500 Model 1911 pistols produced and is an excellent example of an early 1911.

Price : $16,000

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