Colt New House Revolver #23387

Colt New House Revolver #23387

Colt New House Revolver, Factory Engraved, serial # 23387, with factory letter.

Extremely scarce factory engraved & nickel-plated Colt New House 38 Revolver, with factory letter confirming serial number, 38 caliber, 2 ¼” barrel length, nickel finish, and 50 cents in engraving. Shipped to Markt & Company, who through some brief research may have been an exporter to London, Paris, and Constantinople. According to “The Book of Colt Firearms” by R.L. Wilson, factory engraved New House models are extremely rare, and only two others are known to this writer.

Revolver exhibits a strong percentage of its original nickel finish with scattered flaking throughout. Trace to moderate fire blue remains on the hammer & screws. Mechanics feel strong.

Engraving covers approximately 50% of the revolver and has standard, period stylings that can be seen on many engraved Colts of this era. Incredible what “50 cents” worth of engraving could buy in 1891.

Excellent pearl stocks. While not listed on the letter, writer believes these to be original as the fit, age, correct escutcheon, and scarcity of pearl stocks for this model suggest originality.

Correct roll die barrel marking, as change from acid-etched panel to roll die occurred around serial number 22,000.

Colt New House Revolver #23387

Price - $6,500, Shipped & Insured

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