(SALE PENDING) Police Positive Special, .32NP, Dual Tone Nickel, Factory Pearl Stocks

Extremely scarce post-WWII Police Positive Special, chambered in .32 New Police, with factory pearl stocks and dual tone nickel finish. Revolver exhibits nearly all its original nickel finish in the short-lived dual tone finish, which featured polished flat areas and matte round areas. Areas of the finish have some fine scratches & frosting. Front sight […]

Colt Diamondback From Past Colt Historian Kathleen Hoyt’s Collection

Colt Diamondback, .22 Long Rifle, 6” barrel, with Colt blue finish, part of prior Colt Historian Kathleen Hoyt’s collection. This Diamondback remains in near mint condition, with turn line & a slight blemish on the front sight, a shown in photos. Revolver is mechanically strong. With original, labeled box with matching serial number & model, […]

Model of 1911 # 417

Colt 1911, serial number 417. Early, scarce high polish blue Colt Model 1911. This pistol is nearly 100% original, with the exception of the magazine lock catch, the magazine, and the stocks, including all original, correct nitre blue small parts. Pistol includes original, extremely rare & original unmarked barrel, used only in the first 400-500 […]

Colt Army Special # 321844, Factory Engraved

Colt Army Special, Serial # 321844 32/20 WCF Caliber, Factory Engraved, Pearl Stocks Excellent condition Colt Army Special, factory engraved with what appear to be Colt factory pearl stocks. This revolver retains nearly all of its original high polish blue finish, with nitre blue trigger and hammer. Finish loss is noted on the cylinder, which […]

Colt Pony # CPA001042

Colt Pony, serial number CPA001042. Scarce model that appeared in Colt’s 1971 catalog, however, never made it into full production. An unknown number still remain. 10 were given to Colt employees, and 37 (including this pistol) were returned to Firearms International, who was to produce these under license by Colt, due to the project never […]

Detective Special #429866

Detective Special #429866, with original box, Texas shipped. Very strong example of a mid-1930’s Detective Special, with strong finish remining. Evidence of light use with scattered areas of finish loss, most notably on the barrel and behind the cylinder release. Checkered walnut stocks remain in near perfect condition. Mechanics are perfect. Original box remains in […]

Colt Marshal #836808

Colt Marshal, Dual Tone Nickel Finish with 4 Inch Barrel, serial # 836808, with factory letter. Extremely scarce 1955 shipped Dual Tone Nickel Marshal with 4-inch barrel. This revolver exhibits a strong, dual tone nickel finish typical of c. 1949-1955 production of Colt revolvers, with polished flats and matte rounds and flutes. Scattered freckling and […]

New Line #13474

New Line .22 Caliber, serial number 13474. Revolver is factory engraved, likely Helfricht or his shop, with approximately 50% coverage. Rare full silver plated finish, of which an attractive percentage remains on all areas of the revolver. Strong nitre blue on screws, trigger, and hammer. Excellent original ivory grips. Mechanics function, but feel delicate when […]

Colt Officer’s Model, King Super Target #751816

Colt Official Police with King Super Target Modifications, serial # 751816. Scarce post-World War II Official Police with King Super Target modifications, including full vent rib, adjustable rear sight, and classic King Gun Sight Co. reflective mirror front sight. Hammer appears to be a King part, however, it is not the usual ‘King Cockeyed” hammer […]

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