Single Action Army #303316 – E. De. Mex. Marked (SOLD)

Single Action Army # 303316, E. De. Mex Marked Scarce 1st Generation Colt Single Action Army with E. De Mex. Markings, indicating Ejercito de Mexico, or Army of Mexico. Revolver exhibits some blue remaining, mostly in the protected areas – cylinder flutes, ejector housing, right side of barrel, and sides of front sight, Remaining areas […]

Colt Model 1877 # 130707 (Philippine Contract)

Colt Double Action Revolver, Model of 1877, Philippine Contract in .41 caliber. Extremely seldom encountered Colt Model 1877, part of a contract for the Philippine Constabulary . The assignment and use of the revolvers in this contract, containing 600 same configured revolvers in total, is mostly unknown. These revolvers are still recorded as being in […]

Colt Official Police 538699 (SOLD)

Colt Official Police, serial number 538699. Early Colt Official Police with factory nickel finish. Pearl grips are well fitting and intact, although not original to this revolver. Revolver retains much of its original nickel finish, with some losses to nickel throughout. These losses likely due to carry wear, as this revolver was originally shipped to […]

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